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About me

I am real, I am raw and I love to move

Hi, my name is Fabienne, but you can call me Fabi, Fabs or Fabulicious too, that's ok. 

I love to explore the potential of my body and mind through a variaty of movements and practices. I love to move in a diversity of ways, strong, gentil, fluid, aligned, on the mat, off the mat, alone and with others.

And of course I love to teach what I practice with patience and understanding. 

Whatever I teach is inspired by playfulness, functionality, life, and explorations of my own body.


I am a yoga teacher certified by the YogaAlliance since 2014 with regular annual trainings, workshops and courses. I am also thai yoga massage practicionner certified by the Sunshine Network since 2015 and since 2019 a cert. AcroYoga Int. teacher. In 2019 I also fulfilled a dream of mine and finished the childrens yogateacher training in London.

For the full CV click the link below

See full CV here >
I am obsessed with handstands again thes
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