About me

I am real, I am raw and I love to move

Hi, my name is Fabienne, but you can call me Fabi, Fabs or Fabulicious too, that's ok. 

I love to explore the potential of my body and mind through a variaty of movements and practices. I love to move in a diversity of ways, strong, gentil, fluid, aligned, on the mat, off the mat, alone and with others.

And of course I love to teach what I practice with patience and understanding. 

Whatever I teach is inspired by playfulness, functionality, life, and explorations of my own body.

Full spectrum Yoga

A teaching approach to give you freedom in your body

I introduce those interested in movement & mindfulnes into the easiest forms of those practices. I believe that it is crucial for anybody who wants to benefit from those practices that they know the foundations first.

In order to benefit from a YogaAsana practice we need to first know and understand  our body, and how to better getting to know someone or something, than by appraching it with a curious, open and explorative mind. So if you are looking for somebody to tell you exactly and dogmatically how to place and engage each part of your body to find enlightenment, then you might find my classes very disappointing. 
But if you are looking for guidance on how to getting to know your body, understand it and give it what it needs, and if you are willing to take responsability for your own body and mind, then we will have alot of fun.

I will teach you with "Easy Yoga" how simple yet powerful a yoga asana practice can be, with a big focus on essential joint health, simple breathing- and mindfulnesstechniques .
I will teach you with "Lunar Yoga" how you can connect to your heart essence, your intuition, your compassion, and much more. To relax and restore
I will teach you with "Solar Yoga" how you can connect to your inner & physical power, your strength, your potential, your alignment so that you can strengthen the body for everyday life.
I will teach you with "Acro Yoga" how you can connect to others and how to better communicate in the future.
I will teach you with "Thai Yoga Massage" how to connect to others on a new meaningful and deep relaxing and loving way.


In my classes there is always an element of playfullnes involved. Of course without loosing connextion to the self.


I am a certified yoga teacher since 2014. I am a thai yoga massage practicionner since 2015 and I am an international acroyoga teacher and childrens yogateacher since 2019.

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+41 797247545

3800 Interlaken, Switzerland

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