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Thai Yoga Massage

Treat yourself and possibly also your partner or friend, with a relaxing, healing massage.


I offer treatments, guided classes & private workshops


60 min

The minimalistic relaxation

Get a first glimpse and see how magical you will feel after just 60min. 


chf 110


90 min

The nourrishing, deep relaxation

If you know your body's worth, then this is your experience right here.


chf 145


120 min

The royal 2h massage for body & soul

You go for all or nothing. Trust me your body & soul will thank you a lot.


chf 180


guided class

every last thursday of the month 8:20pm

Get a first glimpse and see how magical you will feel after a simple 30min guided Thai Yoga Massage


chf 35


2h private

Connect to your partner on a new level

If you love your partner and want to connect in a meaningful way, then this is your offer.


chf 199


3h private

Learn the depth of this practice

I will show you the principles and a simple sequence you can continue practicing at home. You will both be relaxed, nurtured and connected.


chf 270

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing practice. Drawing from the buddhist teachings, and various influences this more modern approach to Thai Massage has been adapted especially for the western body of today.

In Thai Yoga Massage, you will be manually guided through individual and intuitive series of stretching, compressing, opening and mobilizing  yoga positions while remaining completely passive. You will be carried and held at all time by your giver. These passive movements allow your body to resolve blockages in joints and affected muscle groups. The practitioner using hands, thumbs, elbows, knees or feet to stimulate the energy lines and pressure points on the body to restore the subtle energy flow, to harmonize the entire energy system so that the body's ability to heal itself can take place again.

This holistic, comprehensive full body treatment relieves muscle tension, strengthens the self-healing powers and contributes to a holistic well-being. The Thai Yoga Massage is classically without oil, in light clothing and on the ground, on a soft, warm surface paded by pillows, blankets and bolsters if nescessairy.

If you are ready to give back to your body and dive into a body experience of a different kind then book your treatment below or contact me and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to find a time to start working together!

Special 10% discount if you book a treatment package of 4 massages. Contact me for details.

It is a real gift to your own body to receive a Thai Yoga Massage treatment from a professional. But what if I told you that the act of giving one can be just as magical and relaxing as to receive?

Let me tell you why I love giving Thai Yoga Massages. First of all, I love the instant connection that happens when two people come together and decide to co-create a sacred dance of movement (aka human connection). Second, the meditative state I drop into as I am fully present with the other and myself (intuition & presence). Third, I get to deeply relax, most of the time, while stretching and mobilizing my own body (yogapractice).

Every last thursday of the month I am offering a guided Thai Yoga Massage class (90min) at Mountain Yoga Interlaken, where everyone can join and get a first glimps and experience of the beauty of this practice. (currently not on offer)

But if you want to dive straight in and give yourself AND your beloved partner a huge gift, then let me show you in a 2h or 3h private workshop how you can up-level your massage experience at home by 200%.

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