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Fabulous Yoga

A teaching approach that promotes playful exploration, somatic connections, strength, flexibility & balance, and aims to give you a deep sense of freedom & peace in your body



1-2h Private Class

Get a first glimpse and learn the basics and principles of Yoga. Let me guide you to get strong, flexible and balanced. Find playful connection to yourself.


chf 110



Learn the art & magic of Yoga

6 week course to get all the basic poses in all variations so that you are ready to join any YouTube video from home safely, or simply come up with your own routine.


chf 627



Unlock new skills with private coaching

You wish to learn a new poses, pranayama, or meditation techniques, but don't know how? You wish to connect even deeper and refine your asana practice? 

10 weeks you and me! To level up!


chf 987


In order to benefit from a YogaAsana practice we need to know and understand  our body, and how to better get to know someone or something, than by appraching it with a curious, open and explorative mind? So if you are looking for somebody to tell you exactly and dogmatically how to place and engage each part of your body to find enlightenment, then you might find my classes very disappointing. But if you are looking for guidance on how to get to know your body, understand it and give it what it needs, and if you are willing to take responsability for your own journey with your body and mind, then we will have alot of fun together.

Yoga has many shapes and forms. One is not better than the other, they all fullfill their part in the game. But you have to find the way that works best for you at this time of your life. As I think it is so important for people to know the different aspects and qualities of a practice rather than explicit styles to beginn with, I have started to teach the various qualities in different class setups. Here is a little explanation on what to expect from the different classes.

"Easy Yoga" 

is designed to help you understand how simple yet powerful a yoga asana practice can be, with a big focus on essential joint health, simple breathing- and mindfulnesstechniques .

"Lunar Yoga"

will help you connect to your heart essence, your intuition, your compassion, and much more. To relax and restore. In this class you connect to the feminin aspects of your being.

"Solar Yoga" 

supports you to find your masculine aspects and how you can connect to your inner & physical power, your strength, your potential and your alignment so that you can strengthen the body for everyday life. Including handstands and other armbalances if desired.

These are all solo-practices you do for yourself, in order to get to understand your own body and your boundaries better. The following aspects of the full spectrum yoga approach are done as couples and teams, here we bring the yoga practice to the next level by finding balance, stability & compassion not only within ourselves but with another:


In "Acro Yoga" 

you will learn how to connect to others. You will learn how to take and let go of controll, how to trust and how to communicate in different ways.

In "Thai Yoga Massage"

you will go even deeper into how to connect to your partner on a new meaningful, deep relaxing and loving way.

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