Do you want to improve your overall wellbeing?

Are you looking to get more flexibility, strength & balance in your body &  life?

 Start your yoga journey where you are at.
No pressure, no limits.

I've got your back.






Did you know that YOGA isn't for everybody? But it is  for EVERY BODY?


NO! Not only for the flexible & healthy ones or the strong & the vegans. Yoga is for meat eaters & vegetarians, for the unsporty & professional athletes, for the lazy & hyperactive, for the dependent & the independent, for party folks & mamas and papas.

Yoga is for YOU,

if you want to create a change in your life.



Connect your body and mind. Discover your Yoga 

Acro Yoga

Connect to others in a fun and empowering way. Grab your partner or a friend

Thai Yoga


Experience the healing power of loving kindness 

"Yoga is not the only way, but a good one to start your journey with"

- Fabienne Egger

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