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◇ Hello there, nice to see you here ◇

I have a question for you: Are you one of those who use the excuse "I can't touch my toes" as an excuse to not practice Yoga?

Do you ever wonder why you can't touch your toes? Well... I believe that you can. You just have a wrong understanding of getting there.

Let's take a closer look here: Can you put your shoes on with your hands? 😊 Yes? See, then you can reach your toes 👣 YEAAAY 👣

So observe yourself what you are doing when putting on your shoes. Right! You are BENDING THE KNEE. Thats not cheating it's natural and functional.

So here are some tricks and hacks to start enjoying your ForwardFold and stop beating yourself up for "not being able to touch your toes":

☞ Next time when you are performing a FORWARD FOLD in a yogaclass, at home or the gym ... ✅ ... try to bend your knees. -> bend them as much as you need to ✅ ... fold from the hips. -> so keep the lower back long, drawing with the chest forward ✅ ...connect the ribcage to the thighs to keep your lower back as long as possible.

💌 ... and with time you will find more and more length/flexibility and you can work your way towards straighter legs. (if you really need to)

⚠️... oh! And remember, there are many variations of forward folds

So keep those cues valid in ANY FORWARDFOLD. Now go try it out and let me know what you discover and or if you wish more information about FORWARDFOLDS in yoga

Enjoy your experience. It is a wonderful pose that can be practiced #anytime and #anywhere.

with LOVE Fabi

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