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Hi! My name is Fabi

... and I am many things.

I AM THAT I am a passionate yoga instructor, an eager student of life & yoga and a yoganewbie. I am a non-smoker, (almost) vegeterian, ex-partygirl and a sales assistant. I am a daydreamer, (over-)thinker and a snowboarder. I am a Warrior and worrier, happyfeet and I-Ah, I am a believer of the good in each and everyone of us, yet at times I don't even believe in my self. I am a peace-maker and a advocat of love. I am a dancer, a singer, an artist of life.

On a good day when I feel good I am really strong and fast as a tiger, but then when I feel low and sad you can find me snuggled up under my blankets shedding tears for all suffering living beings and I am nothing more than a little kitten.

Sometimes I have very high self-esteem and like to be in the spotlight, but mostly I am shy as a dear and appreciate nothing more than hiding in the the forrest and observe from afar. I am all of this and much more...

A simple, stunning, breathing being, just like you


I finished my first Yogateacher-Training in the rather strong practice of POWER VINYASA YOGA. I love the strong & powerful aspect of this practice, the challenging balancing poses, be it on one leg or on the hands, it is an incredible feeling to work on a posture that seems unreal to begin with and then discover your body and your mind in the process and realizing that it IS possible. But in the process I learned for my self, how important it is to really understand and master the basics before. I had to learn it the hard way and am glad for it. Less is sometimes more and something else is sometimes better than that thing we really want for some silly reasons. To me it is the greatest gift to share my knowledge (which I am constantly expanding) with interested and curious people. I want to bring the understanding of 'Yoga' to YOU. Everybody talks about it, everybody does it, but what exactly is it?

I am constantly learning more, studying through events in my own life, through books, articles, courses. I try to attain trainings, workshops and do more studies so that I can bring the many aspects of Yoga, its philosophy and principles to you in an understandable way.


2014: * 200h+ YTT 'Art and Sience of Yoga' with Julia McCabe, Whistler, CA.

2015: * Online Course 'Sacred Story Mythologie' with Natalie Rousseau, Whistler, CA

* AcroYoga 'Lunar Immersion' with Lucie Beyer & Almuth Kramer, Basel, CH

* Online Course 'Yoga Anatomy' with Leslie Kaminoff


* 5Day Thai Yoga Massage course with Julia Weis & Pascal Weis, Landau in der Pfalz, D * 12Day Thai Yoga Massage course with Pau Castellsagué, Halkida, Greece * 100h YTT 'Anatomy of Energy' with Rae Indigo, Bern, CH


* 12Day Thai Yoga Massage course with Pau Castellsagué & Team, OmShanti Studio, Barcelona, E


* 200h YTT 'Elemental Yoga' with Cate Spinnler & Thomas Arta, Luzern, CH

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