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What is Thai Yoga Massage?

What is Thai Yoga Massage? They call it a sacred dance between two complete beings. Yet another description would be: Yoga for the lazy. Through passive movement, pressure and stretches I aim to create space in your body just as you would activley in a yogaclass. With this type of massage we try to give the body & soul what they so often lack: space, loving touch and gentil movement in area’s where we keep our 'heavy luggage'. Through gentle rocking, deep pressure, passive stretches and joint movements the body is reminded that everything is OK!, that it is allowed to let go and feel fully supported, that there is no need to hold on. With the flow of a Thai Yoga Massage you will find yourself on a journey through your body and you will release stress and tension on not only the physical level.

It is a sacred dance between giver and receiver, and even though one is active and the other passive, the goal is that both enter a meditative state where the body & soul can start to heal itself. The Thai Yoga Massage is about communication with the nervous system and the more subtle layers of our being. Telling you that every thing is gonna be ok, that you can relax and that you are complete & whole already.


How long does it take? A general full body treatment is usually 90min. But in Thai Yoga Massage time has no value. As we move through the flow, we will both enter a state of full relaxation and meditation and the massage could go on forever... But I know 'time is money' and I don't want to crash your bank account so I will do my best. Promise.

What do I have to wear? The treatment is done in light, comfortable clothing on the floor. Make sure you bring some socks and a longsleeve shirt as well, as your body temperature will drop. Please take off all your jewelleries (watches, bracelettes, earrings, etc.) as well.

Energy exchange:

A full body treatment with my full heart-attention for:

1h is only CHF 80.-* 1.5h is only CHF 100.-* 2h is only CHF 150.-*


Are you looking for a place where you are allowed to just simply BE, RELAX and feel totally SUPPORTED for a while? Please contact me for any questions or book a treatment right now.

* Too much for your budget?!?

Wait a second, let me tell you a quick story:

--> My dad once made me realize something,I really wanted to buy a backprotector for my freestyle snowboarding, but I kept pushing it ahead of me as I had 'no' money. One day I asked my dad, if he could not buy me one. It was not the lack of money that he responded from, but he asked me: "Why?" And I said "Because they are so expensive!" - then he said: 'Well Fabienne, how much is your body/ health worth for you? And how much money did you spend last weekend on that party?"

So with Massage it is the same thing, we keep telling ourselves that we don't have money or time to spend on such 'selfish' things, yet massage & yoga are the best ways to prevent our bodies from injuries and illnesses. It helps us more to fully accept and listen to our bodies and through that be more at ease.

Prices are just numbers. Even though I have to buy food and pay my bills as well. I don't want anyone to miss a massage if they really want it, but have no money. So contact me for special offers.

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