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NEW CLARITY - a decision made


I have been fortunate that I was sent to the french part of Switzerland early in my life so that I would learn another language. I liked it a lot and was quite astouned when I started realizing that not everything can just be translated word by word. That some words in one language doesn’t exist in another and ask for a good translation for the other culture to understand. But back then I didn’t understand how limiting, yet powerful this fact is.

“ The limit of my language is the limit of my world.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein


of language skills. When you know only one language then you only know one culture and you are very limited in how you understand the world and other people. In todays global mixture of humans of all corners of this planet living in the same places, it is sooo important to learn how others are ticking, thinking, feeling and living. And through language we can open our personal and spiritual horizon so much.


I tell you, that I would not be the teacher, leader, guide that I am today if it wasn’t for the english language. I was curious about this ‘Yoga’ thing that I kept hearing about is supposed to be so good for you, but when ever I joined a swiss yoga class I was like: “Nah! That’s crap, not my jam!” and I left and kept moving. I let it go. When I moved to Whistler to discover what I wanted to do with my life Yoga then found me through a random series of events chaining up. I ended up in a ‘Yoga for Athletes’ class and was smashed, heart-opened and mind-blown in shavasana. I knew: THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO INTEGRATE IN MY LIFE! So I signed up for a 3 month Program, a Yoga Immersion/ Teacher Training and that is when a new world of possibilities started opening up to me. Through the english laguage I gained access to my heart and my soul, which I might never had if I stayed within the boundaries of my mothertongue.


So, for the last five years I was struggling finding my voice, my words, my wisdom in the swiss german language. I kept pracitcing, learning, refing, but all the input is english and it resonates so much with my heart, yet when I want to share and pass it on in swiss german I feel weird afterwards.

You may ask “Why?” and I don’t really know how to tell you so that you can understand. It is either of the following: 1. I am overly cautious about the words I use so that I don’t sound like an “Eso-Tante”, but then feel like I havn’t shared the wisdom I wanted to transmit to the group or 2. I am using the words that more or less translate into swiss german, yet I feel completely off, as these words don’t resonate with me the same they do in english. I then find discust towards my own words and I might transfer that onto the group. So after teaching a course, class, workshop, or whatever in swiss german I most often feel weird if not crap! And guys, I tell you THAT SUCKS.



So I sat down with myself and asked my lovely self what I needed in order to feel like the queen that I want to be. And my answer was pretty clear: “I just want to have permission to teach my classes in english, to talk to my audience in english without feeling guilt of not speaking my local language. That is what I want, because that is where my heart lies and that is the language of my soul.” So I listened and waited and then I said to myself: “Love, then why don’t you? Just do what feels best and most aligned with you and the people that need your teachings, your offerings your wisdom and experience will find you. Trust. DO WHAT FEELS GOOD”. And I said: “Thanks!”

So this is my decision, I am giving myself permission to run my passion business mainly in english even though I am in a swiss speaking community!

And I am trusting that you will respect that and will find even more value from this as I go forth.

Long story short, I will now, hopefully be able to share my words more often again with all of you as I am now clear about how I want to communicate. I am not never gonna teach or write anything in german and I am more than happy to help you understand some of my teachings, ideas, wisdom if you don’t fully understand.


So what is it for you that is holding you back from moving forward towards what you really want in life? Do you even know what you really want?

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